Materials muslin backing (for holding shape/stabilizing)
felt fabric - dark blue or purple, red
satin fabric - red, gold, white
polyester batting
white bias tape
gold fringe
curtain rods top & bottom

Stitch felt and muslin together. Hem edges and stitch on fringe.

Fold and stitch top and bottom (to allow for curtain rods)

Flame design from clipart on-line; sketched free-hand on muslin backing

Dove was also enlarged from on-line clipart. Printed on paper then transferred to fabric.

Fire and dove both stitch-appliqued. Both the flames and the dove were zig-zagged on with polyester sheet batting between the felt and satin. To make it easier, the flames were stitched from the back side. The dove's outline was sketched on the white satin, and stitched from the front.

The "wind" was probably the most difficult. Main fold of bias tape was pressed open. It was tugged and patted into shape, then pinned into place. The edges were top-stitched.